Tech Made Easy (Intermediate): How to extend the internet in your house

How to extend internet connection in hard to reach areas. Can’t get internet in a room in your house? Can get your wifi upstairs, downstairs, or in your basement?

Here is the model I purchased that I mention in the video:

Tech Made Easy: Buying a computer

Buying a first computer? Not sure what to look for? Not sure what to spend? Do you want a family computer? Or a computer for a relative? Then this podcast is for you. Because, I agree, it gets confusing really fast! This podcast is designed to teach you basic terminology and give you some recommendations on your new machine!

Training – Objectives to Instructional Strategies – Live

Technology, Learning, Edtech, Instructional Design, and Gaming. In this podcast I discuss how to start designing content once you have your objectives and task analysis with a specific focus on instructional strategies – organizational, delivery, and development.